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Hawai’i Recovery

Aloha everyone and welcome to my very first blog post! I am super excited to share with you a piece of my life journey that deals with all things “Lyz” and touching base about some of my own experiences and knowledge with bodywork and recovery. I recently just got back from a one week vacation in Oahu, Hawaii with my fiancé, Nat. We were there to help celebrate the wedding of his childhood best friends and visit my old college stomping grounds to visit one of my besties, Melissa!

My goal was to escape the hustle and bustle of The Bay Area and to chill, restore and get inspired. In the past year and a half, I’ve been heavily investing my time on continuing my education in therapeutic massage and honing my skills to create Body Recovery that it was difficult to find the time to get away, but this wedding gave me the perfect opportunity to give myself the break I truly needed to get re-energized.

We stayed at the lovely Waikiki Beachcomber hotel with a beautiful (partial) view of the ocean side and The Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

The hotel had awesome amenities such as a gorgeous pool and jacuzzi, a great restaurant, a cute cafe with awesome Acai bowls- Hawaiian Aroma Caffe and a really relaxing spa- Spa La Cure which Nat and I opted to try for the 90 min therapeutic massage to kick off our vacation.

Flying from San Francisco to Honolulu, it took 5.5 hours of travel + 3.5 hour layover in Maui. Nat and I both decided that we were only going to have the two carry-on luggage each instead of checking-in bags, but our bags ended up weighing around 20 lbs each! Having to lug those bags around for the entire trip was no joke and definitely took a toll on our body, especially the shoulders and upper back! Sitting in a cramped airplane seat didn’t help our legs and low backs either so I made sure that we took the very next morning to get our muscles ironed out so that we can enjoy being out doors and be physically active for beach days and hikes! So glad we did it because after the session, my body felt so restored and the stress from traveling just melted away! The deep tissue and myofascial treatment we received revived us and 90 min later we were ready for the island adventure!

Throughout the week we jogged throughout town, experienced sunrise hike at 5 am climbing up to the the Lanikai Pillboxes, soaking up the sun on the beach as much as possible, creating memories with friends, celebrating love, and eating so much ono grinds! We were even so lucky to witness a fireworks show from the lanai of our hotel room! It was pretty magical and breathtaking.

Hawai’i overall was a breath of fresh air and throughout the trip I couldn’t stop getting inspired by the natural beauty of the island! I’m alittle bummed I won’t be sunbathing in the 75 degree weather, but I am very stoked to put my restored creativity back into my passion. I am going to be attending a Dynamic Stretching and Mobilization workshop taught by Eric Rubin at San Francisco School of Massage for the next two weeks, I can’t wait to share with you guys what I’ve learned and incorporate that technique in my sessions! Can’t wait to help my clients level up in their life + athletic journey! Comment or send me a message if you have interest learning more about this modality and how it can help you!

Peace + Love


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